Scholarships to Study Technology at a University in the United States Launched: How to Apply

Jala University A North American university proposes an innovative training system: it converges Practical experience and academic knowledge. It was launched with an alliance with Knowledge Foundation and support from high-tech partners in the software industry 40 scholarships Perfect for students from Argentina.

Plan to pursue a degree in Business Software Engineering with a concentration in design and architecture. Interested candidates can apply till May.

Based in Beverly Hills, California, the university arose out of a need for JalaSoft, a company dedicated to the development and export of software. Expand knowledge For young Latin Americans from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. With the aim of leaving a legacy for future generations, Jala University It seeks to transform the economies of less favored regions by creating opportunities for young people to shape their professional futures through online education.

„We believe that investing in education will help develop the next generation of talent so that they can address the challenges and demands of the growing tech labor market,” he said. Ramiro GoodeNational Manager, University of Jala, Argentina.

For this reason, in collaboration with Knowledge Foundation, The institute offers scholarships For young people from different parts of Latin America – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico – distance is not a limitation when it comes to learning. And, it seeks to create alliances with different local institutions To promote employment Once the students complete their degree.

The university seeks to provide opportunities for young people to transform their careers and economic futures. Photo: Pexels.

What is Jala University Scholarship?

1. Primary Education Training: The first 2 years will cover theoretical subjects put into practice through real projects. This will help to ground the concepts learned in each module. The model used is „hands-on”, similar to „learning by doing”.

2. Special Status: At this point, the goal is to connect with industry. Teachers will provide context for applying theory in daily practice. The final year of the degree involves working on a degree project in which an application prototype is created that demonstrates an idea (startup) and can be linked to other applications in industry.

3. Direct Work with Industry: After graduation, the graduate receives a university degree that qualifies him or her to work in major high-tech companies in the international market. Also, with a contractual commitment to honor the scholarship agreement provided, professionals can gain first-hand work experience in a sponsoring company with a salary and development plan commensurate with the market. Jalasoft, an outsourcing company with over 20 years of experience, is one of the key sponsors.

What are the benefits of Jala University Scholarships?

  • Four-year courses, which include a degree program in the final year.
  • 100% online course.
  • Bilingual education.
  • Highly qualified faculty with extensive experience in the international software industry.
  • The theoretical/practical study approach is aligned with the needs of high-tech companies.
  • American engineering degree in 4 years with eligibility to work in companies in USA.
Graduates are eligible to work in US companies.  Photo: ShutterstockGraduates are eligible to work in US companies. Photo: Shutterstock

What are the requirements to apply for Jala University Scholarship?

The scholarship is aimed at applicants who:

  • Completed secondary school (or must complete within the next 6 months).
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Orientation to logical thinking.
  • Full time available to devote to studies.
  • Internet access to complete the degree.
  • Additionally, they must be residents of Argentina.

How to Apply for Jala University Scholarship?

Registration is open till May. Go to university From there follow the steps to register. You must also take an enrollment course.

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