SAP Technology conquers Extremadura with training courses for companies, the unemployed and government employees

Systems, applications, products involved in data processing. Or what is the same, data processing systems, applications and products. Or, as it is commonly known, SAP technology.

This tool is the key that opens the door to many innovative and disruptive processes in any company or public organization. Above all, it allows you to manage your human and financial resources, work planning…

In short, Knowledge of this type of technology is increasingly important for on-the-job training. Therefore, in an effort to improve its strategies in favor of talent retention, the Government of Extremadura has organized a comprehensive course in this regard.

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They are Possible project Through an agreement with Xperis Academy, Extrematurance is developing its digital capabilities with the aim of improving quality employment in the region.

To facilitate this qualification, 25 free specialized training courses are organized on SAP technology. 500 per person with official company certificate.

Through these courses, students acquire the necessary skills to stand out in today's competitive job market.

The scope of the contract includes the training of 100 employees (who may be self-employed) working in companies in Extremadura, 100 public servants from the Government of Extremadura and 300 unemployed from the region.

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He Digital Transformation Secretary, Juan Carlos Preciado, highlights that „the digital transformation of a territory is based on both the awareness of the digital opportunity and the available digital talent”.

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He added that „The amount of digital talent is directly proportional to the per capita income of regions. There is a lot of talent in Extremadura, and these sectors need to retrain non-digital talent.”

That's where the Digital Talent program comes into play More than 1,000 people are eligible in this first edition Among the many aspects with high demand for placements, one of them is SAP training.

The autonomous government led by Maria Guardiola is developing the project In collaboration with various specialized agencies, Chambers of Commerce, ICT Demonstration Center of Extremadura or University of Extremadura etc.

“This is an immediate but temporary measure To address the starting point, we need to undertake structural reforms that allow our youth to ensure competitive training in markets with high employment,” Preciato clarified.

Digital talent drives Successful implementation of technologiesEncourages innovation, improves business competitiveness and allows full use of digital opportunities, which creates economic growth and improves quality of life in the region, the board points out.

„We live in an era where technology is constantly evolving and constantly scaling. It is still impossible to imagine tomorrow without digital. „Extremadura needs to be more competitive in its transformation and position itself as a relevant player that lives up to its potential,” concluded the General Secretary of Digital Transformation.

The push for digitization in Spanish companies has significantly increased the search for technical profiles. In this context, the Software SAP IT is one of the most popular business management systems All over the world, in all kinds of sectors and in different organizational areas, it allows improving efficiency in the management of companies.

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Work for the future

truly, By 2027, the need for around 20,000 profiles is estimated With SAP knowledge throughout Spain. And, precisely because of this technological component, many of these jobs allow working remotely.

Fernando Aguilar, director of Experience Academy, commented “We are happy to see its progress With this agreement, approximately one hundred extremadurans have already received their SAP certification. Technology is a cross-cutting element and training, especially in a high-demand ecosystem for professionals like SAP, is a commitment for the present and the future.”

Aguilar highlightedBy 2027, all companies using SAP technology must switch to the new version the cloudSAP S/4HANA. „This will create exponential demand for SAP certified professionals, making this training more valuable than ever.”

Studies, whose Spaces are limitedrepresent an excellent professional opportunity as they are designed to qualify people in high-demand sectors such as operational finance consultants, materials and procurement management and ABAP developers, technical skills and Soft skills, Design thinkingetc. companies demand.

This, in turn, contributes to the addition Professionals should become SAP technical consultants Opening doors to opportunities as corporate users of SAP solutions in a wide range of organizations, from highly competent, medium and large national companies to multinational leaders in their respective fields.

The pace at which SAP's business is experiencing creates a greater demand for talent between customers and the partner ecosystem. „Initiatives such as the Government of Extremadura and Xperis Academy are essential because they serve a dual function: they improve training in areas with a high demand for employment and contribute to closing the technical skills gap,” announced Juan Pedro Garcia, Training Director at SAP Spain.

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The training program consists of: 300 teaching hours. Participants can choose from Mérida, Cáceres or Badajoz to attend the sessions. Also, since no prior knowledge of computing or technology is required, it can be accessed by anyone with a high school level or intermediate level apprenticeship.

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