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The South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics It presented its new findings this Monday Artificial Intelligence (AI) Your appliances and televisions Consumer Electronics Show (CES)This week is celebrated Las Vegas (EU).

Samsung's AI goes from the fridge, alerting users when stored food is about to expire to the standard of its Neo QLED television, which can reach 8K beyond what the company has. „A Home Cinema”.

The TV's technology, achieved through an integrated NQ8 AI Gen 3 AI processor, can analyze voice and background noise with AI to „enhance the TV listening experience”, as well as generate subtitles.

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Samsung is trying to make its televisions play a bigger role in the home, as smart speakers from Amazon, Echo, Google or Nest do today, not only providing entertainment, but also allowing users to manage their smart homes from the screen.

A rolling robot with AI

Another protagonist that Samsung presented to the press today is Polly, a yellow domestic rolling robot the size of a ball, which Samsung announced at CES 2020 and which, according to special press, may be released to the public this year.

Poly, in addition to being a vacuum cleaner, also has microphones and cameras so users can report what's going on in their homes through their smartphones.

The machine also has a projector that Polly can use to communicate with its owners, for example by displaying a 'welcome' message on the floor when someone enters the house.

Its rival LG is also looking to develop a smart home robot today „Home Without Work”, was invited 'AI Agent', Two legs with wheels and can „Move, learn, understand and participate in complex tasks.”

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In this case A. to the robot 'Kara' -A screen- from which you can send „Emotions”.

According to exclusive press, this robot may reach users in 2025. At no point has it been announced what the prices of these domestic machines will be.

CES will open its doors to the public tomorrow, but today some industry players like LG, Samsung or Sony are presenting their news to the press.

The annual event, which ends on Friday, will feature more than 4,000 exhibitors and hundreds of industry expert panelists, and this year's star topic is expected to be artificial intelligence (AI).

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