Salma Hayek Wishes Jennifer Lopez a Happy Birthday with a Soft 2000s Pic

A friend’s birthday can be one of the most special moments of the year, even more so than your own. Organize and surprise your soul mate for another year of friendship, another year of good times, adventures or simply being bored but with your friend.

Something similar happens in the world of celebrities, many of whom, after reaching the world of fame, find a new safe place to share experiences that only make sense if they live in the same world. A long list of famous friends Yesterday a very special couple got their pride and their careers have grown hand in hand: Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez.

Yesterday was the birthday of JLo, one of the most important and influential Latin artists in the world. The Mexican actress did not hesitate to publicly greet the man from the Bronx with a complete flashback: a photo from the 2000s.

„Happy birthday @jalo! 🎂💐🥳 Last night, I got this photo. Thought I’d share this on your special day. It reminded me of those times when they said we wouldn’t do it. They said we will not last then 😂😂😂 Keep shining, girl, enjoy every moment!” Salma congratulated Jennifer.

Photography is a complete return to the past, An early 2000s photo featuring Ben Affleck, Susan Sarandon and Gal Garcia as the two protagonists.. The actress did not hesitate to remember the difficult beginnings of the two, in which they opened the borders to all Latin artists and in which the industry did not bet on them. A photo 20 years later shows how wrong they were and a complete victory for the Latino minority of the celebrity scene.

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