Rokh Fall 2024 Runway, Fashion Show & Ready to Wear Collection Review

Roc Hwang continued his quest for imperfection with the Fall 2024 line, which saw a juxtaposition between modern deconstructed wardrobe staples and historical references from the High Renaissance and Romanticism periods.

„Renaissance is about pursuing the perfect body shape, which represents perfection to me. Romanticism is about being imperfect. I think the conflict between the two can bring out something sharp. I thought the idea of ​​beauty through this collection,” Hwang said backstage.

The designer said it's also about freeing himself from the rules of the past, as he deconstructs the wealth of vintage pieces he's collected to find the right combinations to fit today's fashion conversation.

„I love working with patterns. For example, I'll have a Victorian dress under a cropped sartorial jacket,” she said.

One thing that is striking is that the small presence of trench coats – an archetype of his designer language – was replaced or disguised as something else this time around. Hwang adapts his modular fashion concept to a wide range of textiles such as denim, velvet and knit to create proposals that create a fashion feast.

These new iterations felt refreshing compared to his previous, more austere approach to productions. Rough velvet dresses, pleated skirt-trouser hybrids, zigzag patterned knits and zipped bombers were standouts and required a balanced look to wear them, meaning a wide reach.

The show also saw the debut of a footwear collaboration with Phileo, a brand under the Dover Street Market Paris umbrella. This is a square toe loafer inspired by a ballerina shoe. Coming with a puffy tongue and main belt detail, this style is available in Tofu, Shiitake and Black.

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