Robert Pattinson released the first look of Bong Joon Ho

Several aspects of Robert Pattinson were showcased in the first trailer Mickey is 17Bong Joon Ho's upcoming film explores cloning, identity and space colonization.

Bong made his first trip to CinemaCon to show the trailer, which Bong said is the story of „a simple man who ends up saving the world.”

Mickey is 17 Based on the novel Mickey 7 Edward follows Ashton and Mickey 7, a so-called space colonist – who perform the colony's most dangerous work, often dying and brought back to life through cloning technology. The protagonist in the novel is the seventh version of the man named Mickey Barnes, but in the film it is elevated.

„The number is how many times he's died. I've killed him ten more times,” Pang laughed from the crowd. „It's a science fiction movie, but it's a human story.”

An unreleased trailer out of the room, set as Frank Sinatra, adds levity to some of the more violent scenes, such as Mickey losing an arm and being thrown alive into liquid metal (with his consent).

Mickey is 17 Bong's follow-up to a Best Picture win has been the subject of much interest Parasite, yet it took a while for a first look to come out. Post-production delays have pushed the film from a March 2024 release date to January 31, 2025, leaving Oscar-winner Bong's latest film unsettled as an awards contender. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Steven Yeun, Naomie Aki and Toni Collette.

Pattinson is a Warners partner Batman and its upcoming sequel, Bong called the script „one of the funniest, weirdest sci-fi I've ever read in my life.”

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Pattinson basically plays two characters – Mickey 17 and Mickey 18, and while they are clones, Pattinson has given them different personalities. Mickey is 17, he says, defeated by life but happy to be part of a group, while 18 is like playing the „evil brother” who is „out of control”.

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