Rishi Sunak will try to shift the focus to the economy this week – but there are questions over Jeremy Hunt's future | political news

There are concerns that the unconventional strategy of talking about tax cuts could set expectations too high.

By Sam Coates, Associate Political Editor @SamCoatesSky

Sun 21 Jan 2024 19:10, UK

Rishi Sunak will try to focus on the economy this week amid questions over how long he will last in office.

Downing Street issued a statement in October: „The chancellor will deliver the Autumn Statement in a few weeks and the Budget next spring.”

The latest Politics on Jack and Sam's podcast In the episode, Mr Sunak clarified how the election will not take place Second half of the year.

The preferred polling day isn't thought to be until November, which means it's several months away, and the financial statement could be before polling day.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

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The carefully worded statement, given by No 10 sources to The Times and The Sun in the autumn amid speculation about the chancellor's future, appeared to open the door. Jeremy Hunt Changed after the spring budget.

Clare CoutinhoA close associate Mr. Sunak The recently appointed energy secretary is considered one of the possible candidates, although others worry that he lacks experience.

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Mr Hunt is now preparing the spring budget and it is not known if it will be his last. He has insisted he will stand again in his Surrey constituency in the election.

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Sky News revealed last year that some around Mr Sunak had questions about whether Mr Hunt should continue in the role. These claims were denied by No 10 and he remained in office November Renovation Last year.

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The politics of Jack and Sam's podcast on the unorthodox strategy of talking about tax cuts also raises concerns that expectations may be set too high.

The Treasury has yet to receive its first preliminary forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility, the financial watchdog, on how much he will spend on the March 6 event.

Every penny in income tax costs £7 billion, and a recent report by Capital Economics suggested £14 billion should be spent on the chancellor.

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