RI Economy Grows Stable at 5%, Jokowi: Very Proud: Ocean Economy

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) proudly stated that Indonesia’s economy is growing steadily at around 5%. The reason Economic development It is better than Malaysia, South Korea and EU.

„Thank God and we should be grateful that Indonesia is still growing and stable,” he said at the 2023 Bank Indonesia Annual Meeting, quoted from Antara in Jakarta on Thursday (30/11/2023).

Economic growth has remained stable at around 5% and inflation at 2.6%, which he considers encouraging compared to growth in Malaysia (3.3%), the United States (2.9%), South Korea (1.4%) and other countries. European Union (0.1%).

„When we talk to other heads of state, to the president, to the prime minister, we are very proud of our growth, which is still 5%,” he said.

However, the president highlighted reports from business actors that liquidity has largely dried up in Indonesia.

According to Jokowi, liquidity in the real sector dried up due to a large number of purchases of instruments issued by the Ministry of Finance and Bank Indonesia.

„No, don’t use too much to buy SBN, or use too much to buy SRBI or SVBI, so that there is less going into the real sector,” he said.

Therefore, President Jokowi has called on all banks to conduct their business carefully.

„I request all banks to be careful, they should be careful, but please encourage more loans, especially to MSMEs. „Everyone should not rush to buy from BI or SBN, that is also good, but the actual sector will be better than last year,” he said. said.

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The head of state also noted that despite only two months remaining in the 2023 budget year, the central and regional expenditures were 76% and 64% respectively.

„I always follow such things every day. I will definitely call the Finance Minister (Sri Mulyani) (to find out what is the actual situation),” Jokowi said.

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