Revolutionary technology in China: Officials turn to artificial intelligence to streamline bureaucracy

While there are no specific rules in the country regarding the use of AI or robots to write government reports, there are laws and regulations governing the field.

Artificial intelligence. Photo: Unsplash

Government employees in China They use Artificial intelligence Y Writing robots To manage the large number of official documents generated by the general management of the Asian corporation.

This increasingly widespread trend allows Chinese authorities to Automate repetitive tasks Writing reports, reviewing documents and creating standard texts etc.

Xi Jinping Photo: Reuters. Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo: Reuters

However, these tools have limitations Not always up to date with the latest policies and guidelines: AI tools are useful for repetitive work and daily documents, but not for writing powerful speeches or texts that require creativity.

“Essentially, it creates static scripts. If you want your boss's speech to make an impact, you can't use artificial intelligencesaid Chen, a civil official of the Beijing municipal government.

Technology, too Used to create mandatory ideological education reports for members of the Communist PartyImitates the person's handwriting, which is why some authorities also use it Writing robots improve your handwriting, although they can be detected by the consistency or abruptness of your handwriting.

People with poor handwriting use this technique because they think their employers are being careless.. „In bureaucracy, good handwriting is important because the Chinese believe it reflects a person's character,” Chen added.

The Oscars.  Photo: Reuters.

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Chinese policies for regulating AI

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China issued orders that Prohibit the use of artificial intelligence To directly generate reports in scientific research papers.

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Besides, China has approved provisional regulations to regulate artificial intelligence services such as ChatGPTIt is subject to „current regulations on information security, personal data protection, intellectual property and scientific and technological progress”.

Several Chinese tech giants such as Baidu, Tencent or Alibaba have offered artificial intelligence-based services in recent months, although questions have been raised about the use of this type of technology in the Asian country. Strong censorship imposed by authorities.

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