Quality tourism development needs attention from all parties: MPR

JAKARTA (Antara) – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Lestari Moertijat said that the development of quality tourism that promotes national development performance requires the attention of all parties.

„Development of quality national tourism is critical to promote improvement in national development performance,” he said in a written statement received here on Sunday.

The National Development Planning Agency (Papenas) identified seven issues that need to be addressed in order to build quality tourism in Indonesia.

The seven problems include environmental quality, low quality tourism destination management, less quality tourism services and low tourism human resource capacity.

Also, they include limited land, sea and air travel access; lack of investment in the tourism sector; and minimal disaster preparedness.

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According to the MPR Deputy Speaker, those seven issues should be of concern to policy makers in the tourism sector, as well as many ministries and other agencies.

To this end, he hoped that firm collaboration between ministries and agencies could soon be accomplished in an effort to achieve quality tourism development in the country.

He also noted that policy makers should encourage many initiatives to improve the quality of human resources in the tourism sector.

Moerdijat underlined that improvement in the quality of human resources is an essential factor in the development of tourism, which is more inclusive of the social and cultural aspects of tourism destination regions.

Thus, even though many tourist destinations lack complete support infrastructure, quality human resources can help attract tourists, he added.

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„The potential of the national tourism sector should be harnessed and developed through various initiatives so as to support the improvement of national economic performance,” he noted.

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