Public debt in health technology: uneven evolution to 2023

The Public debt Maintains a consistent evolution of administrations with the health technology sector in 2023, in accumulated amount and average payment terms. Proof of this Health Credit Observatory of Spain’s Health Technology Companies (Fenin), established to monitor these indicators. Currently, the autonomous communities owe a total of 1,144 million euros in outstanding invoices to health technology companies. According to these data, at the end of October, this is a 30% increase compared to the debt accumulated at the beginning of 2023 (844 million euros).

Region wise, Accumulating the most public debt is the community of Madrid With 219 million euros, Comunidad Valenciana (215 million euros); Andalusia (172 million) and Murcia (85 million). For those with the lowest level of crime, La Rioja is in first place with seven million euros; Navarra (12 million); Asturias (20 million) and Extremadura (21 million). With the aim of reducing the very high figures of public debt in the sector, Fenin makes available to the administrations to ensure the liquidity and reliability of the companies in the sector and to establish other financial and economic measures that promote the activity of the companies.

By region, the community of Madrid accumulates the most public debt, with 219 million euros, followed by the Valencian community, with 215 million euros.

Beyond aggregate credit statistics, the Observatory analyzed Average payment period (DSO) Invoice of Health Administrations. In this sense, the average invoice payment is 96 days, which represents a 33% increase from the 72 days at the beginning of 2023. Fenin positively assesses the efforts and commitment of the autonomous communities to achieve or approach the maximum deadlines set by the current law. In particular, they highlight the positive evolution in some regions, such as Catalonia and Castilla y León, which have reduced their DSO by 47% and 20% respectively in the last month.

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On the other hand, the situation The average payment period for autonomous communities is more than 90 days, Murcia stands above all (203 days); Community of Madrid (138 days); Valencian Community (133 days) and Cantabria (127 days). The evolution of public debt with the sector is worsened by the current economic situation marked by high inflation, the rise of interest rates (making financing more expensive for companies) and the impact of the increase in production costs on the health technology sector’s activity. , which has an impact on the reliability of companies.

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