Prince William jokes about his 'sausage fingers’ during coronation rehearsal King Charles | UK News

It’s one of many revelations in a new documentary that goes behind the scenes in the days leading up to the king’s coronation.

Friday 22 December 2023 10:23, UK

A documentary has emerged showing the monarch joking with Prince William about his „sausage fingers” during coronation rehearsals.

As the king’s eldest son wrapped a small arm around his father holding a robe, he quipped: „That day, it’s not going to go in,” making his father laugh.

Smiling, the king replied: „No, you don’t have sausage fingers like mine.”

The King and William during coronation rehearsals

In a BBC documentary to be screened on Boxing Day, Princess Anne says she felt a „sweet feeling” when the crown was removed from her mother’s coffin. Dedication Service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Before the final song, the Imperial State Crown, Orb and Scepter were removed from the Queen’s coffin and placed on the altar by Crown Jeweler Mark Appleby.

May: Coronation Day Best Moments

„My mother’s funeral at St George’s – she takes the crown from the coffin [and] I felt a strange sense of relief, somehow that was it, it was over,” says Princess Anne during the film.

It was a symbol of „responsibility being shifted,” he adds.

Of the weight of responsibility her brother now holds, Anne notes: „To be honest, I don’t know that anyone could prepare themselves for such a change… not easily.

„And then the transition happens and you’re like, 'Okay, I’ve got to get on with it now.’

„Monarchy is occupation 365 days a year: it does not stop because you change kings for any reason.”

The King and Queen return to Buckingham Palace on Coronation Day

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The late Queen said she felt it would be „difficult” if the princess died at Balmoral, but was forced to withdraw from the „decision-making process”.

Queen Elizabeth, England’s longest reigning monarch, died in Balmoral, Scotland on September 8 last year at the age of 96 after a 70-year reign.

Anne says during the documentary: „I think there was a moment when she felt it would be very difficult if she died at Balmoral. And I think we urged her not to let that be part of the decision-making process.

„So I hope in the end she felt it was the right thing to do, because I think we did.”

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Different schemes were in place depending on where the late queen was when she died – at various royal residences or abroad.

The preparations for Scotland were called Operation Unicorn.

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The documentary shows various preparations for the coronation, including changes to the crown jewels and the arrival of the king and queen’s anointing oil from the Holy Land.

Charles III: The Coronation Year will be screened on Boxing Day at 6.50pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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