Prime Ministers want to discuss economy, infrastructure, public security with Prime Minister

Canada’s prime ministers ended their annual conference by saying they wanted a roundtable meeting with the prime minister to discuss infrastructure priorities. Prime Minister Scott Moe says they need to have a conversation at the first ministers’ table about funding social infrastructure and economic infrastructure needs, keeping our economy competitive and keeping Canada’s economy competitive.

Alberta Premier Daniel Smith says the economy needs to grow to meet emissions targets. He suggests that the federal government should focus on its own priorities rather than interfering with provincial jurisdiction. He says, “It is their job to create economic corridors. Their job was to build ports. Their job is to provide new access via railroads, roads, and build transmission lines and pipelines so that we can get our products to market. Because if each of us can bring our products to market and grow our economy, we will have the means to invest in technologies that reduce emissions.

The premiers also spoke about the growing number of RCMP vacancies across the country. They want Ottawa to fully explain future funding plans for the law enforcement agency.

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