President Maduro visited the Space Technology Center in China

This Tuesday, President Nicolás Maduro continued his China tour by visiting the facilities of the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Technology, where all the satellites of the Asian country are manufactured.

From the center located in Beijing, the head of state had the opportunity to share experiences and learn about the scope of the Asian giant’s space programs, a note said. Presidential Press.

China Space Technology (CAST) is dedicated to the research, study and development of technological ways to use space.

Join China’s space technology

The director of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), Zhang Geizhan, was the guide for the tour of the technology center, the presidential press reported.

After the welcome speech, the visit began at the exhibition center where the history of the DFH-4, DFH-5 and DFH-3 satellites was described.

In his remarks before the Venezuelan delegation, Cajon promised that the two countries would „cooperate a lot in space” and asserted that China is „ready to explore the mysteries of the universe with Venezuela and share the benefits of space.” „To promote global space governance, to create a community of common destiny for humanity in space,” AVN said.

As the President’s press release recalled, Venezuela became the first country in the United States to be invited to the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) program led by China and Russia over the next decade. A permanent base will be erected in the southern vicinity. pole of the moon.

In this sense, the director of CNSA emphasized that „China and Venezuela will carry out broad and deep cooperation in the implementation of the engineering, research and use of the lunar station.”

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The People’s Republic of China has built and launched telecommunication and other satellites for various countries, especially developing countries.

Currently, space development in China is aimed at the integration of platforms with new solutions, including artificial intelligence, new propulsion methods, more efficient and economical automated developments. Applications of telecommunication satellites, remote sensing, navigation systems, are completely complementary.

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