Plan the future of technology

On the second day of the Go Forum, a keynote speaker was present: Randy Zuckerberg, who spoke about the Metaverse and entrepreneurial opportunities in digital platforms.
The sister of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, the social networking giant, greeted the audience who were eager to hear about her life, her experiences and her connection to the vast universe of digital businesses.

„We’re going to talk about the future of technology,” he announced.
Jokingly, she recalls being „another Zuckerberg, a Harvard graduate,” who, in addition to being an entrepreneur, is also a mother, golfer and marathoner. Talking about her career, she recalled that she initially dreamed of being a singer and acting in Broadway musicals, but time and life took her down the path of corporate and business. Thus, he worked in the digital media group, which was not yet considered a big trend.

Then, his brother asked him for help in his business. Randy comments that every family business is the same: „I translate that: When a family member tells you they want you to be a part of their project, what they basically want is for you to work for free.”
So, he signed a scrap deal with his brother Mark that didn’t go badly, as the company would become Facebook. It started with two people, is now listed on the stock market and has hundreds of thousands of workers, although it recognizes that at first it was very difficult to compete with names like Yahoo and Google, and it should be taken into account. , contrary to belief, not everyone in Silicon Valley is a genius.

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Then, in 2010, he thought of creating a Facebook Live service to broadcast live. At first it was a complete failure, but little by little it took off: singer Katy Perry asked him to appear like this to announce her world tour, the first time a celebrity had used the site. Later, Barack Obama appeared via Facebook Live.

„He invented one of Facebook’s most important products,” Randy recalls, adding that you can be happy, but, „You can have it all, but not every day.”
Now, the next phase is metaverse: “We’re on the cusp of the next internet connection. „What’s going to happen in the next 20 years is going to change the shape of the world.”

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