PcComponentes promotes sustainable technology consumption

PC components Integrating consoles into its tech product buying service Another step in the alliance began Money converters This year, to continue promoting technology consumption Responsible Y Fixed. These devices connect to others such as Smartphones, Smartwatches Y pills, It was already part of the buyback service.

All customers who want to sell their console can do so Visit the brand website to get one assessment, Also A Product collection. The sales process is carried out through the implementation of RaaS (Recommerce As A Service) created by Cash Converters and connected to the PcComponentes website, so that, through a few steps, the user must select the product type, product and model. , as well as answer a few brief questions about its status.

You can choose a collection date at home or take it to the nearest post office to facilitate the return. Likewise, in terms of payment method, the brand offers its customers two options: transfer or through PayPal.

Less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

Since PcCompontes launched the service to promote the sale of electronics in good condition, 2,145 devices have been given a second life.. The production of this number of devices is equivalent to the emission of 123,592 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. It takes more than 6.5 million trees to absorb this amount of CO2 in one day.

“This buyback service has been a hit with our customers and makes it possible for all of us to create a more sustainable world. „By incorporating consoles into this service we offer with Cash Covers, we want to continue to help our customers be more sustainable, benefit economically and help our planet with their old devices,” he says. Alberto Rodriguez Bodeguero, Service Manager at PcComponentes.

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Juan Carlos Pena, Chief Digital Officer of Money Converters, Says: „Inserting new product categories such as consoles in our program with PcComponentes shows that every day more people are ready to put the circular economy to work, and helps us move firmly towards our goal of changing consumer habits for a more sustainable world economically, socially and environmentally.”

Sustainability as a way to give a second life this Christmas

The company is announcing this new service for video game consoles at the start of the Christmas shopping campaignIt’s time for technology to become the main protagonist of gifts.

Smartphonesconsoles, Smartwatches Y Tablets They are fixed as star instruments of these dates. For this reason, the buyback service offered by PcComponentes to its customers offers the opportunity to give a second life to all refurbished devices in good condition at Christmas.

All these, With the convenience of performing the procedure from home without giving up the security of having the brand’s customer service team at your disposal to answer any queries. So, at a time of the year that is ideal for replacing technical devices, the PcComponentes service emerges as a great option to give a second life to the technology we no longer use.

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