Paris-New York in an hour and a half: the hydrogen plane that will usher in a new era of aviation

Swiss start-up Destiny says its technology will enable a flight from Frankfurt to Sydney in 4 hours and 15 minutes.

We could be at the beginning of a new era: supersonic flights. Designs for A new hydrogen-powered plane They claim to reduce the time it takes to travel around the world by plane to a few hours.

The last aircraft to achieve this feat was the Concorde. At its peak, the Franco-German aircraft crossed the Atlantic in about three and a half hours, flying at a record speed of 2,100 km/h.

Now a Swiss start-up is looking to reduce the current travel time from Paris to New York. From eight hours to one and a half hoursIts hydrogen-powered hypersonic passenger plane.

Destiny’s goal is to build the first hydrogen-powered commercial airliner It can travel five times the speed of sound And at an altitude of 33 km (over 100,000 feet).

The company has been testing its prototype aircraft for the past two years and announced successful test flights of its second prototype, the Eagle, in late 2022.

„Prototypes will be different from the final product because it has more advanced propulsion technology,” he explained. Bart Vanhove, Head of Destinus Advanced Studies, during this year’s Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

„It has different types of engines, turbojet and ramjet, all powered by hydrogen and all cooled by hydrogen.”

Investment by the Spanish Government

In April, the company received an investment boost by announcing its participation in a Spanish Ministry of Science project that is part of the country’s government’s plans to develop hydrogen-powered supersonic aircraft.

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The agency overseeing the ministry’s programme, the Center for Technology and Industrial Development, selected the project as a strategic initiative in its Program for Aeronautical Technologies (PTA).

cheater The current global investment is 12 million euros, Companies and technology centers participate in the program, as well as Spanish universities.

„We are happy to provide this assistance, especially as it is a clear sign that Destiny is aligned with the strategic lines of Spain and Europe to advance in the hydrogen space,” he announced at the time. David BonettiVice President of Business and Product Development at Destiny.

„For high-tech companies like ours, access to these EU recovery funds is essential for advanced research and development Accelerate the innovation needed to be globally competitive. With these grants, hydrogen-based solutions for aeronautical propulsion will be one step closer to becoming a reality.”

Frankfurt to Sydney in 4 hours 15 minutes

As we have already mentioned, it also opens up the possibility of reducing trips around the planet.

Currently, it takes about 20 hours to cross the world from Europe to places like Australia on a normal passenger flight.

Destiny says its technology will The flight time from Frankfurt to Sydney is only 4 hours 15 minutes instead of 20 hours.A flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai takes 2 hours 45 minutes, eight hours less than the current travel time.

Destiny partnered with Spanish engine manufacturer ITP Aero in June 2022 to build a hydrogen engine test facility.

A grant from the Government of Spain Funding to build a test facility near Madrid Air-breathing hydrogen engines will be tested there.

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A second project with a grant of 15 million euros will fund research into aspects of propulsion with liquid hydrogen.

The project is part of Spain’s will A leader in the development and manufacturing of mobility vehicles Hydrogen powered in various fields.

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