A high-tech incubator to make zeolite an „innovation benchmark”.

The High Tech Incubator for Green and Digital Transformation (IAT Matrix) will promote Zeolite as a „point of reference for innovation, research and creation of new opportunities”. Francisco Reyes, President of the Provincial Council of Jaén, mentioned this while inspecting the project work carried out by the provincial administration. He has done so with the Deputy for Employment and Business, Luis Miguel Carmona; Lourdes Martínez, representative of European funds and Zeolite, and Juan Bravo, mayor of Mengibar.

The incubator aims to facilitate and promote technology transfer to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro-SMEs, as well as encourage the creation of more value-added jobs. It will provide more than 3,400 square meters for the establishment of companies and entrepreneurial initiatives in this science-technology park. Ten offices and different warehouses were available for „companies taking their first steps,” Reyes recalled. New Matrix Campus (consisting of three warehouses of 250 square meters each), Eureka Building (consisting of two workshop warehouses and ten offices, offices, meeting rooms and co-working spaces, with other facilities. ) and Advanced Services Technology Complex (CTSA). . At the latter location, a 480 square meter warehouse will be located along with a workshop area and offices.

The project, with an investment of more than 3 million euros, is 80% co-financed with FEDER funds, and is the result of an agreement between the Provincial Council and the Insight Foundation. The incubator will have developed equipment highlighted by the provincial government, such as an augmented reality system, 3D printing and scanning, a robotic arm with six axes of freedom, and a heavy-duty inspection drone to do the job. Likewise, there will be laboratories for digital design and testing of olive grove products and by-products.

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It will not only provide accommodation services in the places where it is located, but also the possibility to use the available technology, activities and services to facilitate access to knowledge, technology, finance and cooperation networks. Its use will be free, users will only have to bear the basic maintenance costs of the installation. For its use, two access methods are proposed. On the one hand, as an internal project, it was conducted free of charge in one of the archive’s warehouses and offices. And, on the other hand, as an external project without accommodation, but access to the laboratories and workshops of the incubator and its specialized services and planned activities.

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