Paris 2024 Releases First Images of Paris 2024 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony: Thomas Jolly’s „Records”

After the monumental feat of directing the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the largest open-air spectacle in the center of Paris, Thomas Jolly will take over the Stade de France to bring the Olympic Games to a fitting conclusion.

„On 11 August 2024, a new page will be turned with the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games: it’s time to say goodbye to all the Olympic athletes and representatives who cheered us on, made us dream and brought tears to our eyes when we were 17. Days of intense competition in the Stade de France in athletics and rugby sevens, these The moment will be solemn and emotional, but it will finally be time for celebration, and everyone will be able to take full advantage of the absolutely exceptional program planned under the direction of Thomas Jolly, with the help of all the teams working on the four Paris 2024 festivals, which are already innovative, surprising and wonderful to mark the history of the closing ceremonies. Guaranteed to be just as powerful as the „records” that have everything you need. Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 President

On August 11, the Stade de France will be transformed into a grand concert hall. Featuring more than a hundred performers, acrobats, dancers and circus performers, the show will be under the signature of artistic director Thomas Jolly. The original soundtrack, new interpretations, musical performances and the participation of world-famous singers will complement the film. Part of the show takes place in the air, while giant sets, costumes and spectacular lighting effects take the audience on a journey into the past and future.

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The traditional highlights of the closing ceremony, such as the flag raising of nations, the athletes’ parade and the handing over of the Olympic flag to the Los Angeles 2028 Organizing Committee, will all provide memorable moments.

For this exceptional show, Thomas Jolly has surrounded himself with a talented team: Kevin Germanier (Designer), Kevin Vives (Choreographer), Antoine Travert (Lighting Designer), Clement Mirgut (Composer), Emmanuelle Favre (Set Designer), Sammy Geroghi (Assistant Director ), Maud Le Blatec (Choreographer), Victor Le Massenet (Music Director) and Daphne Bourgi (Styling and Costume Director.)

For this festival, Thomas Jolly wanted to share a strong message and offer the audience a truly immersive collective journey: a journey into the past, the origins of games, but also into the future and ultimately the timeless universe. The ambition is to celebrate in a time of pause, mindfully, with the idea that together we can create change.

Download behind-the-scenes photo and video content from the rehearsals: Other audio and video content available here:

„On 11 August 2024, the Olympic Games will end and the Olympic flame will be extinguished. That moment will remind us how precious these Olympic Games are – a unique monument to a shared experience – and therefore fragile. The Olympic Games are already gone. After antiquity, re-established in France, we want to celebrate, but This moment is an opportunity to reflect the importance of the Olympic Games in our society, the Olympic Games disappear once again, someone came and found them, a great visual painting and an operatic dimension to say goodbye to athletes around the world. Together, this evening is memorable and Let’s make it a sentimental celebration, honoring the past and embracing the future.”Thomas Jolly, Artistic Director of the Paris 2024 Festivals

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60% of tickets sold or reserved; Chances are there will be more

With 38 days to go, ticket sales for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games are in full swing, with 60% of tickets already sold or reserved. Category E is already sold out, with 5,000 tickets sold at €45, but there are still chances to experience a unique show at the Stade de France!

New tickets go on sale this Thursday, July 4 at 7pm in categories A, B, C and D from €250.

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