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Pakatan Harapan-Kabungan Rakyat Sabha cooperation will continue: Anwar

Published on: Sunday, June 02, 2024

By: Hayati Dulkifli

Anwar said that it is necessary to protect and maintain political stability in the nation to ensure that the country excels and develops accordingly.

See: Pakatan Harapan (PH) will remain loyal to the Kapungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) in the next state election, including the Kedilan Rakyat (PKR). Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who promised this, said such cooperation would ensure political stability at the state and central levels.


Anwar, who is the national PH president, said the GRS had worked well with the Madani government under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Haji Haji Noor. “I told the Chief Minister and the GRS that we, including myself representing PKR and PHI, will remain loyal and cooperate with the GRS under the leadership of Hajiji. Be it PH, UMNO, Barisan Nasional (PN), Kapungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) and GRS, our cooperation in the federal government is very good, which will make it easier to maintain political stability in Sabah and at the federal level. „All major parties representing all major races, ethnic groups, tribes and religions have helped to guarantee political stability in the nation and in all matters,” he said.

He promised that the Madani government would protect and defend the rights of all castes, races and religions in the country as no one has the right to question them. Anwar said that it is necessary to protect and maintain political stability in the nation to ensure that the country excels and develops accordingly.

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“Our country is backward in many fields due to the endless political tussle with four Prime Ministers in five years and I hope this Prime Minister (Anwar) stays till the (coming) elections. „The effect of this was on the people, what did we argue about? We argued about race, culture, religion and state interest, and the people were sidelined. „This is no time to brag and be arrogant, because now Malaysia is being respected, while our country’s image is increasing, we are getting respect from other countries. As a result, Malaysia is the main focus of investment from the US and Germany because our politics is stable and our energy transition is clear, as well as our digital transformation which is part of the national economic structure,” he said. Anwar reiterated that the Madani government will investigate any state or federal leader who abuses their power to enrich themselves and their families. Madani government is focusing on solving the major problems faced by the people like water, electricity, poverty alleviation and provision of school books. . „Don’t worry about those who are shouting that our priority and duty is the needs of the people, safeguarding their destiny and solving their problems. „These are the duties of the central and state governments. We agree and are committed to solving them (problems/problems),” he said. Malaysia Agreement Addressing the 1963 (MA63) issues, Tan Sri Joseph Byrne, senior, said he had been following the demands (of Sabah rights in MA63) for many years. „Because of the MA63, I believe it will cooperate with the federal government and it will provide mutual benefits through the use of the port,” he said. He said he would have no problem with the state fulfilling its promise in the MA63 ) on all matters such as handover, I have no problem, we will fulfill what was promised in MA63. Anwar said that there are leaders who are not in power now, but they are asking loudly to do many things, including accusing the central government of not doing much when they were in power and doing nothing. He said this kind of sentiment should be stopped as it will not help and will evoke other kinds of sentiments in other states. He said he informed Hajiji to speed up the tender process for the Pan Borneo highway projects and award them to the right people (contractors). „I stress the need to speed up the tender process and not force or insist on awarding to those who are not qualified as this will affect the completion of the project,” he said, adding that the Pan Borneo highway roads in Sarawak were almost completed. .

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