Only 30% are women

In an ever-evolving world of work, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is emerging as an important educational focus. The preparation of future workers is aimed at improving the skills to solve complex problems, highlighting the importance of critical and creative thinking. However, despite the growing relevance of STEM jobs, it faces a challenging obstacle: the gender gap.

Globally, according to UNESCO, only 35% of people studying STEM careers are women. In Colombia, the situation is alarming, with only three in 10 graduates in STEM careers being women. Latin America also presents a similar rate, the ECLAC report notes that in most countries in the region, the participation of women in STEM professions does not exceed 40%, which is particularly important in engineering and information technologies.

Edtech research reveals that lack of time, lack of money and lack of support and lack of confidence are the main reasons women avoid technology-related fields. Additionally, there is a perception of inequality in employment opportunities, where female engineers account for up to 95% of employment opportunities, compared to 40-43% of employment opportunities in other areas, which also affects salary disparity.

The Colombian Society of Engineers highlights that only 14% of engineering students are women. Silvana Cataldo, an expert in educational innovation, points out that there are prejudices that regard STEM as fields that are not suitable for women. This highlights the need to deconstruct stereotypes from education, inculcating interest in programming and solving challenges from the very beginning of training.

Closing the gender gap in STEM careers means challenging entrenched assumptions and promoting inclusive education from an early age. Only by eliminating stereotypes and promoting equal opportunities can women fully contribute to sustainable growth and innovation in a technology-driven world.

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