Only 22% of companies have integrated technology with their logistics

A recent study by SimpliRoute shows a perspective on the current state of the logistics industry in Latin America, with only 21.9% of respondents able to fully integrate technology into all their processes. Thanks to this implementation, the figure contrasts significantly with 46.9% of those who consider the state of logistics „efficient and optimal”.

One of the highlights in the digital transformation of logistics operations is the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) devices for real-time tracking of inventory and assets.

However, a logistics analysis conducted by SimpliRoute in collaboration with Monterey’s TEC and the Association for Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain (APLOG) indicates that the use of IoT is mainly a concern of large companies. With a clear change in trends for companies with more than 200 employees.

Although the intentions of companies regarding technological development are promising, the reality of its application shows a significant gap. 40% of companies surveyed have yet to implement IoT devices, while only 15% have achieved their implementation across the supply chain.

„When it comes to plans to adopt emerging technologies such as the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the results differ. While 33% of companies are evaluating and selecting new technologies on a current basis, a worrying 14% have no plans in the short term. For example, in Mexico, only 26.67% have adopted artificial intelligence. plans to follow the intelligence,” said Alvaro Echeverria, CEO of SimpliRoute.

The use of blockchain technology in logistics operations is also under analysis. While 40% of companies have not yet considered implementing it and 29% do not realize practical applications in their operations, only 8% currently use this technology, indicating a lack of understanding or reluctance.

In the same sense, in the article „Connecting to Compete 2023”, the World Bank notes that due to digitization and increasing globalization, it is crucial to take measures around cyber security to guarantee the integrity of supply chains and new and disruptive logistics systems. connection

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The low implementation of technology in logistics processes in Mexico is a significant obstacle in an increasingly digital and innovative world. In order to remain competitive in the global market, companies in the sector need to adopt a proactive approach towards modernization and implementation of emerging technologies.


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