Nux Solutions is working with a Colombian sugar mill on its technology for agricultural efficiency

Alicante. The Initial Alicante Knox Solutions picks it up Technology for Achieving Agricultural Efficiency in Colombia, to a sugar mill. It does so with an agro-industrial company called Incaca Produces goods and services derived from the sugarcane industry.

In this regard, in April this year, the Entrepreneurship Program Alicante threw Intelligent sugarcane moisture model Every pixel is scalable With laboratory precision. It is an advancement of its technology for agricultural efficiency, through which users can reduce the cost of pre-harvest sampling.

Thus, the Nux Solutions project with Incaca was accomplished Practice Sugarcane suppliers in a world of artificial intelligence “to make the most of data This allows the optimization of crop management” highlights the Colombian company. In this way, the implemented technology changes the way of working in the plant, which with the satellite images of Nax Solutions wants to „lead this change in the industry”.

Also, the Alicante company is involved Technica CongressIn Colombia, they highlighted their work with the Inca Mill to talk about the steps taken in decision-making agriculture. Implementation of the solutions they have reached Optimize your cultivation processes and make better decisions in real time. The result is an increase in productivity and a reduction in operating costs. „Incaca’s confidence in our technology solutions is based on demonstrating how agriculture can make a significant difference in the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations,” they said.

In the spring of this year Initial
Nux solutions It also brought its technology to Brazil to improve agricultural efficiency. About An Alicante company That works Development of systems for applied research in agriculture. In 2022, it signed an agreement to merge with Sutlandis Strengths in remote sensing applications for precision agriculture and formalize the sample plan Powered by Nux Sutlandis, to develop new value-added solutions for satellite precision agriculture. It also won one of the awards from the second edition of the DayOne Open Innovation Program promoted by CaixaBank through DayOne, which specializes in technology companies and their investors.

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Meanwhile, the EU-India Innovation Center chose it Launch and expand yours operations in India, supporting your market entry strategies and building a strong local network. Therefore, they have extensive experience and high reliability in the design of projects in Europe and abroad and add their experience to provide personalized and customized assistance. Practice Business and scaling support.

The Nux Solutions Project was created Beatrice Sanchis Y Caleb DiBernardis and won the UA Impulso Awards in 2017. Additionally, Aaron D Bernardis He is the founder and business director. The beginning of the company went through great research work and integrations Signals and Systems Group of the University of Alicante.

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