Nokia to supply 5G technology to NATO military

At the NATO Transformation Command headquarters, two senior Nokia executives met with General Philip Levine to discuss the potential of 5G technology in military operations.

This is what we know

Tommy Vito, President, Nokia Mobile Networks, and Mike Loomis, President, Nokia Federal Solutions, discussed key topics related to the implementation of 5G technology in military applications with General Levin. Among them, the integration of augmented reality and cyber security.

Nokia representatives highlighted the benefits of 5G in improving soldier awareness on the battlefield and increasing the speed and reliability of communications. However, with new opportunities come new challenges, with increased vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Nokia, already known for its leadership in the development and deployment of 5G technologies, is actively collaborating with NATO to make these innovations a reality. By visiting the US Navy’s 5G lab, the company had a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments and testing of this technology for military applications.

Source: Europe’s defense industry

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