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Action Against Hunger this week launched the 'We Hack Hunger’ campaign, which tells how it is using technological innovation in its social action programs to fight food insecurity in Spain.

In particular, the 'spot’ uses the metaphor of a computer virus, which is hidden in the depths of the computer, is difficult to detect and means that something is not working, explains the invisibility of hunger, the campaign reflects, almost always it is invisible, it means that something is wrong with the computer and it is a warning to expect other problems.

„Through our social action programs, we support people at risk of social exclusion who want to find a job or start a new business in Spain, and we do so by betting on innovation and digitalization, which are increasingly large-scale jobs. Thank you Next Generation Fund”, Deputy Director of Social Action Spain Sonia Gonzalez Contra El Hambre declared.

In this way, the NGO raises the question: „Can technology act as an antidote to food insecurity in our country?” and fighting this problem with technology, which is why it has started working in three areas with different projects aimed at fighting food insecurity.

Early warning, entrepreneurship and the fight against the digital divide

Action Against Hunger has an early warning system, with the aim of improving employment opportunities of the population and promoting innovation through digital transformation, in Spain, the company seeks to foresee situations of food insecurity, through research and predictive design. Models based on variables such as consumption and socioeconomic reality of households.

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