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The US-Israeli Genocide in Gaza

More Palestinians have been killed in fresh Israeli airstrikes across the besieged Gaza Strip. 11 people were killed in an Israeli bombardment of residential buildings in the Buraj refugee camp in the north. Three Palestinians killed in car crash in Nusirat refugee camp Meanwhile, 70 bodies have been recovered from Beit Lahia and Jabalia refugee camps since Israeli occupation forces withdrew from those areas. Several people were killed in an Israeli attack on the northern part of Gaza City. In the south, artillery fire on the town of Rafah killed scores of Palestinians. The total death toll in Gaza since early October is approaching 36,300. Meanwhile, Palestinian resistance forces are fighting the Israeli army. Israel says five of its soldiers have been killed in recent clashes in northern Gaza.

Hezbollah support for Gaza

Hezbollah, the leader of Lebanon’s opposition movement, has denounced US support for Israel, which encourages the regime to continue its genocidal war in the Gaza Strip. Syed Hassan Nasrallah said the United States could make Israel commit more crimes by vetoing anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Security Council and threatening to ban those who support Palestine. However, Nasrallah says that pressure from the West, led by the US, cannot justify the silence and inaction of the international community regarding the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. Elsewhere, the Hezbollah leader hailed the Yemenis’ action against Israel as an example of regional resistance against an occupying regime. He said the Israeli regime is a cancerous tumor that has no future in the region and will be removed by the resistance front.

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Global solidarity with Gaza

In a show of solidarity with Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, people held new rallies in many countries around the world. In Indonesia, people gathered outside the US embassy in Jakarta to protest Washington’s support for Israel. Protesters called for a boycott of the Israeli regime and the arrest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Jordan, demonstrators took to the streets of the capital Amman as part of their weekly protest against the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza. Demonstrators called for the entire Jordanian population to rise up in support of the Palestinians. In France, thousands gathered in the capital Paris to demand an end to the Israeli offensive. They called on the international community to facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza. A similar rally was held in Morocco, where protesters called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

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