New releases have little impact behind 'punishment’

Local blockbuster, „The Roundup: Punishment” extended its dominance at the South Korea theater box office in its fourth weekend. This brought its cumulative total to a powerful $75 million.

„Punishment,” the fourth installment of the brutal action comedy produced and starring Tan Lee (aka Ma Dong-seok), earned $3.05 million between Friday and Sunday, according to data from Korean film-driven tracking service Kobis. Council (KOFIC). „Punishment” still enjoyed a 36% share of the Korean theatrical market, despite the film’s week-to-week performance dropping 46%.

Nearly four weeks after its release, it has amassed a total of $75.2 million from 10.7 million admissions. „Exhuma” was the biggest title of the year, earning $84.8 million from 11.9 million ticket sales.

Those two films have dominated the Korean box office this year, helping Korea make a late comeback in drama trends. March and April are both recent records. So far this year, Korean-made films have topped the box office in 14 days out of 20 weekends.

Korean mystery thriller, „Following” is the latest weekend’s best performing new release title. It earned $1.72 million between Friday and Sunday and $2.76 million in its entire five-day opening run.

„Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” earned $1.17 million in its second weekend of release. This represents a 52% decline for the week. After 12 days in Korean cinemas, it has collected a total of $3.14 million.

In fourth place, the Japanese animation “Haikyu! The Dumpster War” opened with $1.12 million over the weekend and $2.68 million in its five-day opening run.

„The Garfield Movie” finished fifth for the weekend with $562,000. In five days, it enjoyed a business of $1.29 million.

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„IF” opened in sixth place with $226,000 over the weekend and $493,000 over five days. In North America, it opened this weekend as the market leader, albeit with what was considered a „soft” performance.

Re-released Japanese romantic drama „The Last 10 Years” grossed $112,000 over the weekend. It now has a running total of $4.10 million.

Australian horror film „Late Night with the Devil” earned $98,000 for a total of $546,000 after three weekends of release.

The reissued „The Shawshank Redemption” earned $31,000 in ninth place. „Kung Fu Panda 4” earned $28,000 in tenth place over the weekend. Since its release on April 10, it has amassed $12.2 million, making it the fifth highest-grossing film in South Korea this year.

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