New poppy seed-sized fuel particles could power nuclear reactors on the moon

An artist’s impression of the Space Flower Moon microreactor, which will power future lunar missions. Scientists in England have developed a nuclear fuel cell for this reactor. (Image credit: Rolls-Royce)

Scientists in the UK have developed mini, seed-sized nuclear fuel cells that could power future flower-shaped reactors. the moon 2030 soon.

The tiny new fuel cells, developed by researchers at the Atomic Futures Institute at Bangor University in Wales, are roughly the size of a poppy seed of 0.04 inches (1 millimeter). The mini-particles are a type of tri-structural isotropic particle (TRISO) fuel that is surrounded by a hard, ceramic-like shell made of uranium, carbon and oxygen. The cells are more durable and efficient than traditional nuclear fuels, which makes them ideal Space exploration.

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