New 'For All Mankind’ patches include Season 4 Martian site and asteroid missions

December 12, 2023

— In the midst of the fourth season of „For All Mankind,” Icon Heroes has released new collectibles that can be very large (with spoilers) or very small (with screen-accurate details).

You could call them the „Goldilocks” of alternate space history swag.

As in each of the first three seasons, Icon worked with the „For All Mankind” production staff to provide replicas of the symbols worn by the heroes, seen in the acclaimed drama that follows the fast-paced 1960s. The space race never slowed down.

„Show your love for the hit Apple TV+ series 'For All Mankind’ with this set of 13 embroidered patches!” Icon reads the Heroes website. „Each patch has a different design from the latest season.”

The Links in this latest collection M7’s logo was a version of the Group of Seven series, but focused on the international settlement of Mars and included the logo for Happy Valley, a Mars base established by the United States, the Soviet Union, Japan, and the European Space Agency. India, North Korea and the Communist Alliance for Space Exploration (CCCS).

Also included are logos of the Soviet space agency Roskomos and Helios, the commercial space airline that manages operations at Happy Valley.

Some links are to facilities that support the Mars platform. The logo for Happy Valley’s aluminum foundry takes its name from „Hephaestus,” the Greek god of metalworking. The Eden Patch, Greenhouses of Happy Valley, depicts a plant on the surface of Mars. And a water droplet symbol represents the Ares Underground Auger used to „extract and dispose” of Martian material.

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The five links symbolize spaceships or missions that factor into the fourth season’s Mars and asteroid-driven storylines.

Phoenix, which began life as a spacecraft but became a permanent space station in orbit around Mars, is blue, gray and black with a yellow border. A badge for Titania, the second-generation space shuttle, may show what a fusion engine experiment is all about.

Marks on the Mars transport ship Sojourner 2 include the crew names „Hatva” and „Friendman,” which may be „easter eggs” — references to series crew members Erika Hatva, writer researcher and visual artist Jennifer Lauren Friedman. .

Also included are links to two Ranger asteroid capture missions. From Ranger 1 to XF Chronos, co-pilots Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) and Svetlana Zakharova (Masha Mashkova) and Grigory Kuznetsov (Lev Korn) are the first to set foot on an asteroid. The Ranger 2 symbol avoids names, but its target, asteroid 2003LC, is also known as „Goldilocks”.

The 13th patch was originally intended to be part of the third season release but misrepresentation pulled it. The Thomas Paine Space Telescope has a similar configuration to our James Webb orbiting observatory, as the „for all men” symbol reflects the familiar arrangement of gold mirrors. (An earlier never-released patch showed a Hubble Space Telescope-style spacecraft.)

„For All Men” Season 4 Patch Set Retails for $110 Now shipping. Icon Heroes is taking pre-orders for reissue patch sets for the first three seasons, and there’s still a collectible pin-back button set recreating iconic artwork from those earlier episodes.

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