Netflix cancels 'Welcome to Eden’ and two Spanish series

In the original Spanish Netflix series released in 2023, not everything will continue with new seasons. While „Alpha Males” and „The Snow Girl” received renewals for their respective second seasons earlier this year, others may not be so lucky. As confirmed on the Photogrammes platform, Three of their latest titles, including 'Welcome to Eden’, have decided not to continue.His teenage sci-fi romp stars Amia Aberasturi, Tommy Aguilera, Belinda, Lola Rodriguez and Amia Salamanca in its lead.

Thus, the second season of 'Welcome to Eden’, which aired last April, will be the last, and there will be no season 3. Also, there will be no new installments. Romantic Comedy 'All the Time We Loved’ (Its creator, Carlos Montero, is already producing another series on the platform called 'Respira’) and Action fiction and heists in 'Husta El Ciolo: La Serie’, which followed Daniel Galpersoro’s film of the same name, were released in February and March 2023, respectively. Vaca Films, the producer of 'Hasta el cielo: La serie’, is working with Netflix on a new project, a series about drug traffickers called 'Clans’ starring Clara Lago and Tamar Novas.

Viewership data for the three canceled series

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Of this round of cancellations, perhaps the most surprising was that 'Welcome to Eden’ seemed to establish itself as a national race for youth viewers, and although it didn’t achieve data at the 'elite’ level, it was a remarkable performance. The second season of the series was watched over 92 million hours in five weeksBelow are 'La chica de nieve’ and 'El silencio’ (101 million and 99 million), as well as season 2 of 'Entrevias’ (112 million), a Spanish series but no original on stage.

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For his part, All the Times We’ve Been in Love has had over 16 million hours of viewsDespite its high quality, and 'Husta El Ciolo: La Serie’ has been watched for 55 million hours. These figures provided by Netflix on its official website are not the only deciding factor as the cost or even the rate of users who start and finish the series or not can affect it.

In addition to these fictions, Netflix released this year Third seasons of 'Sky Rojo’ and 'Valeria’, the latter previously announced These series and the miniseries 'El Silencio’, apart from the aforementioned 'The Snow Girl’, will continue with the adaptation of another novel by Javier Castillo, 'El Juco del Alma’, with the same protagonist.

And what’s to come…

úrsula corberó fire in the body

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These canceled series will give way Challenge on a new platformHis biggest asset was 'Berlin’, a spin-off of 'La Casa de Papel’ which focused on Pedro Alonso’s character and new fellow robbers. The prequel is slated to hit screens in December, but before that, we’ll see 'A Perfect Tale’ (July 28) starring Anna Castillo and Alvaro Mel, the third adaptation of 'Elizabeth Benavent. Valeria’ and 'We Were Songs’.

On September 8, 'The Body on Fire’ will be released, a thriller that brings to the screen the most famous true case known as „crime by the urban police” and where Ursula Carpero and Quim Gutierrez will give life to the lead pair. . New seasons of 'None More’, 'Iron Hand’ and 'Elite’ and 'Sagrada Familia’ complete the battery of 2023’s most anticipated Spanish Netflix series.

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