National and Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp publish the Wellbeing Economics newsletter

To answer that question, The National teamed up with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, CEO of Business for Scotland, founder of Believe in Scotland and chief economist of Scotland’s well-being economics think tank, Scotianomics.

In our new and free weekly newsletter, MacIntyre-Kemp will bring you exclusive presentations, deep-dive case studies, and in-depth analysis of the approach – just as she talks about the approach with Yes groups as she tours the country. Believes yes is key to taking it above the 60% milestone.

Business for Scotland has conducted polls on the Wellbeing Economy which show that voters of all political parties support the values ​​of the Wellbeing Economy.

Through market research firm Panelbase, Scotianomics surveyed 1,070 respondents living in Scotland.

The graph below shows the attitude that „the focus of the economy should be more on serving the needs of people and society than on the needs of big business and finance” by political allegiance.


So the new newsletter – Reinventing Scotland – aims to make this economic approach digestible and provide a resource for activists to explain it effectively.

Commenting on the newsletter collaboration, MacIntyre-Kemp said: “The world needs a new economic approach, and the ideas of the left and right of the last century offer no solutions to the problems of this century, especially climate change.

„Scotland needs a unified socioeconomic vision that aligns with our nation’s core values ​​and opens the door to Scottish independence.

„So let’s talk about the nation we want an independent Scotland to be, and let’s talk about reinventing Scotland with a wellbeing economic approach.”

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