Nathalie Emmanuel Joins 'Ghosts Of Ruin’ Vocal Set – Variety

The announcement was made during the animated series’ Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

Nathalie Emmanuel is the latest star to join the voice cast of the hit animated series „Ghosts of Ruin.”

The announcement that the „Game of Thrones” and „Fast and Furious” franchise costar will bring his voice talents to the new series was made Saturday during the „Ghosts of Ruin” Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

„Actually, I’m emailing the agents in this group right now,” executive producer Michael Ramey said, underscoring how the news developed „in real time.” (In an interview following the panel, Ramey and fellow EP Katie Stipek said Variety (They chanted „renewal, renewal, renewal” backstage.)

In May, Variety Rosario Dawson and Tony Revolori have exclusively announced that they have joined the cast of the animated series, which follows a group of gamers competing in the first neural reality battle royale game called „Ruin.” However, a malicious virus appears and turns their utopia into hell.

Emmanuelle will voice Dr. Angela Tucci, who Stipek teases is „a very memorable, pivotal character in the run of the show.”

„I wanted her on the show from the beginning because I’m a huge fan of hers,” said showrunner Michael Ryan. “She’s amazing. And I think the role he plays is so perfect. I can’t wait to book her.

Ryan gave a little more detail on who Emmanuel will be voicing. „She runs a very neurotic reality,” he teased. “Out of everything I’ve seen of Natalie, her performance is so strong and her sense of presence and strength really comes through, and I think it’s perfect.

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The show featured K-Pop star AleXa, Karen Strassman, and John Bentley — all of whom were in the Hall H group — Josh Keaton, Justin Long, Cherise Boothe, Harron Atkins, Michael Longfellow, and JB Blanc.

The Hall H team was creator and executive producer PJ Axetero’s first trip to San Diego Comic-Con was particularly memorable, especially the experience of announcing Emmanuel’s admission live from the stage.

„Natalie is amazing. I can’t believe how good our cast is. It’s stacked,” Accatero said. „Not just the talent, but what they bring to the table and taking the characters to the next level.

Hosted by Coy Jandreau, the conversation also featured Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music’s Giovoni Rios, Hendric Beunk and Russell Emanuel and reflected on the project’s community-focused interactivity. — will be presented in an upcoming episode. Participants watched three versions of her character’s quirky dialogue and overwhelmingly voted for choice C, the biggest backlash against her ex-lover.

„Ghosts of Ruin” will debut this fall through the Gala Film website, the film and TV division of Web3 company Gala. Although there is no streaming service attached to the project yet, Battle Island plans to shop the project to other platforms for wider release.

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