NASA plans to use blockchain technology to prove its next moon landing is real

NASA and its partners Lonestar, a Florida-based computing startup, and the Isle of Man will send a payload of „data cubes” to the moon in February 2024. Data stored in these cubes can be verified on Earth using blockchain technology. .

If all goes as planned, in 2025, when NASA launches its second manned mission, Artemis 3, the same blockchain technology will once and for all verify that humans have walked on the moon.

NASA’s Artemis mission is set to enter its second phase with the launch of Artemis 2 in November 2024. Although humans are sent on this mission, the four astronauts on board will leave Earth, orbit the Moon, and return. It’s not the same as touching lunar soil, but Artemis 2 will be the final test before the US government puts humans back on the lunar surface with Artemis 3.

Lonestar and the Isle of Man are collaborating on one of the many scientific missions carried out during Artemis’ missions, with the aim of developing pioneering long-term lunar storage systems that are powered by solar energy and require no extras. infrastructure for their convenience.

As reported by BBC Science Focus, Test will contain Creation The digital stamps – a technology called „digital postage” – will be stored in data cubes on the moon. Once established, the data is verified by the blockchain on Earth to ensure that it is complete and uncorrupted.

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As an interesting side effect of blockchain’s immutability, any future astronaut landing on the moon could use the data cubes to conduct experiments on the moon. Astronaut communications can be verified via blockchain, apparently, and conspiracy theories surrounding the upcoming moon landing will be immediately dispelled.

In an interview with Science Focus, Digital Isle of Man’s head of innovation said NASA found it „surprisingly difficult” to disprove the idea that six men landed on the moon between 1969 and 1972.

While blockchain can’t disprove conspiracy theorists of 20th-century moon landing ideas, it’s an indisputable record for the next humans to touch the surface of the moon.

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