mu Space and OneWeb are introducing satellite Internet to remote areas of Southeast Asia

mu Space and OneWeb are introducing satellite Internet to remote areas of Southeast Asia

By Simon Mansfield

Sydney, Australia (SPX) March 11, 2024

In a major initiative to bridge the digital divide in Southeast Asia, mu Space has partnered with OneWeb to provide satellite internet services targeting underserved communities in the region. The collaboration heralds a new era of digital accessibility, aiming to transform traditional Internet access paradigms.

The innovative mobility service stands out by enabling high-speed internet connectivity on the go. Imagine high-speed Internet access in remote locations, from the open ocean to isolated terrain. The offer is particularly useful for vehicles and maritime vessels, ensuring continuous online access regardless of geographical barriers. In contrast, fixed ground-based service is designed for fixed installations such as buildings to facilitate Internet penetration in rural communities.

In situations of natural calamities, where conventional communication infrastructures are often severely affected, this satellite internet arrangement becomes indispensable. It ensures uninterrupted internet access for emergency services, humanitarian organizations and communities affected by disasters. Rapid deployment of mobility services is critical for effective disaster response coordination and information dissemination. Meanwhile, the land-based option provides survivors with a reliable means of communication, allowing them to access family and secure needed services.

The recent opening of OneWeb's satellite gateway station in Thailand, operated by National Telecom Plc of Thailand, is a strategic boon to mu Space's service expansion efforts. The system leverages integration between mu Space and OneWeb, significantly benefiting target communities. Central to service delivery is the user terminal, a key device that connects end users to the satellite network, ensuring stable, high-speed Internet access at various locations.

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