MSGM Spring 2025 Men’s Ready-to-Wear, Women’s Resort 2025 celebrates the brand’s color, energy and nautical inspiration.

„This will be MSGM to the nth degree,” Massimo Giorgetti promised of his latest collection in a preview with WWD.

Let it be noted that he is a man of his word as his vibrant performance on Saturday hit all the right notes. In fact, a soundtrack that ended with MGMT’s 2007 hit „Kids” was the perfect statement for the brand, and gave millennials who attended the show a hankering for breakfast. But metaphorically, Giorgetti reminded the fashion crowd that has made the pilgrimage to an industrial complex on the outskirts of Milan for the past 15 years: energy, youth and light-heartedness.

So necessary in these dark times, these elements contributed to the allure of Giorgetti’s collaborative venture, inspired by his relationship with the sea.

Rimini, the Italian-born designer, has poured her homeland’s sunny attitude into a line full of hints, from marinier stripes to motifs like sails, crabs and dolphins, or appearing in jacquard knits. These were seen in the spring 2025 men’s and women’s resort lines, with the former exhibiting a sportier vibe and the latter a refreshing take on old MSGM girlie ways.

The color palette maximized the impact as the primary colors were joined by shades of blue and MSGM’s signature acid hues. Even when using darker tones and more mature silhouettes like tailoring, Giorgetti adopted a relaxed approach to proportions and whimsical looks with embroideries or wavy inserts in pops of color.

English artist Luke Edward Hall’s illustrations of sailors blend in with the theme, wearing him in bowling shirts and her in a knitted vest. The collaboration included a performance staged on the runway, where buckets of colored paint were thrown—almost too violently—on the Plexiglas walls facing the guests.

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Recalling MSGM’s first presentation at Riccardo Grassi in 2009 – the selection could have been halved in the tribute section – and Giorgetti wanted to give. He pointed to the collection’s prints depicting his Ligurian retreat, „La Vedetta.” [which means “lookout” in Italian]He said the residence provides him with a special vantage point.

“I don’t want to get too into politics and everything that’s going on right now, but [La Vedetta] It becomes a personal symbol of the moment we live in: a place that offers a new perspective and from where to look for a new horizon,” said Giorgetti.

“MSGM children have grown up but they are still 15 years old, they are still teenagers. A lot more needs to be done,” he concluded.

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