„Most amazing” gravitational wave discovered at the far end of the universe

Scientists have found that material very attractive

In a new intergalactic discovery, „very exciting” Gravitational-Wave The signal was detected by scientists from the far reaches of the universe. Scientists stumble upon ripples running through the fabric of spacetime. According to the researchers, the signal is thought to originate from the collision of a neutron star and an unidentified mysterious object.

The LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Collaboration used three unique detectors located around the world to observe the distortions in spacetime that represent gravitational waves and made the astonishing discovery. The most recent signal was captured at the end of last year's latest monitoring run.

Scientists find the object particularly attractive because it is believed to be in the „mass gap,” meaning its mass is between 2.5 and 4.5 times that of our Sun, the Independent reported. The „gap” range is between the heaviest known neutron star and a known black hole. There are very few objects in that range, and little is known about their properties or how they might form. The signal, named GW230529, was first captured by researchers in May 2023. Gravitational waves were used for the first time to detect an object.

Geraint Bratton, from the University of Birmingham, said: „We cannot determine with certainty whether compact objects are black holes or neutron stars because the gravitational wave signal does not provide enough information. However, it could be a connection between a black hole and a neutron star. „In any case, we are very confident that heavy matter will fall into the mass gap,” the Independent quoted the Independent as saying.

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