Morena representatives support the initiative for the development of nuclear energy technology

Parliamentary committee representatives Morena, Within the framework of the Science Wednesday conference cycle, they advocated reform efforts to promote development Nuclear technology Inside Mexico.

The Vice-Chancellor MARIA EUGENIA HERNANDEZ PEREZSince the 1950s, Morena Parliamentary Committee’s scientific thematic coordinator, Mexico has joined the ranks of countries studying and promoting science. Nuclear energy for non-combat purposes.

He opined that the initiative, which is in line with this pacifist approach, proposes to strengthen the National Institute of Nuclear Research (ININ) to increase knowledge about the use of this energy for the benefit of the people.

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„ININ focuses on the planning and development of nuclear science, without neglecting the peaceful applications of its discoveries and its connection with the country’s economic and social sectors,” he said.

Hernández Pérez, in the institute of Jorge Aguilar Pateras, a graduate teacher of the IPN Higher School of Physics, pointed out the case of a plasma laboratory connected to a company that produces long-term and non-thermal plasma for therapy. Surgical wounds.

He opined that at this facility, furnaces are being developed to aid in the healing processes of patients who present complex recovery conditions, such as those with diabetic foot.

„This technology was developed by Mexican researchers who provide solutions to the people of Mexico,” he announced.

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Along these lines of ideas, Congressman Victor Gabriel Varela López, author of the initiative, said that having a system dedicated to the exploration and production of uranium would significantly benefit Mexico.

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He opined that his proposal promotes the use of nuclear power for electricity generation and complements the reform proposals related to the human right to electricity.

He asserted that electricity from nuclear sources is cleaner and cheaper than other alternatives, including solar power.

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