More technology than toys in the letter to the three wise men

Baje Real House is open on Chachel Street to welcome all the children of Melilla. There they can send their letters with all their wishes to the Three Wise Men on Three Kings Night, one of the most special nights of the year for them.

This year, the little ones seem to have somewhat more demands. Tech gadgets are more sought after than traditional toys.

Unlike their requests from Santa Claus, the gifts they ask for from their Majesties are somewhat extravagant. Tablets, the iPhone 15, computers and video games are recurring products in the letter to the kings of the East. At least, La Paje Real sent us to El Faro.

At the doors of the small house this morning, scores of children eagerly awaited their turn to present their demands. In line, this newspaper was able to speak to some of them.

„I asked for a box with a crank and a dancer in it,” Sofia told El Faro.. This little Santa already brought a tablet for himself and his brother, though he also included a cell phone in his letter to the Kings.

Whether it's electronics or toys, Melilla's kids love tech gifts. “I asked for a camera It hides a diamond that you need to find. „If the camera sees you, you have to stop because if you move you will lose,” said Mario, another child hoping to enter the Royal Page's house.

In technology, tablets are crowned the star gift this Christmas, especially in Lucas's case for the kids who are so good this year. This boy from Melilla explained to El Faro that „it was really good,” which is why he included a pill as a first gift option in his letter.

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Other little ones don't even need to put it on their wish list because Santa Claus has gone ahead and provided it already. This is the case with Marcos, even though he already has the prize he desires. Three wise men were asked for the video game Fortnite.

For children who have not yet been able to put their letters in the Royal Mail Box, they still have more options Until next Friday, January 5 Both morning and afternoon.

The house is open from 10 am to noon and from 5 pm to 9:30 pm.

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