’Moon Knight: City of the Dead’ #1 preview teases reunion with Scarlet Scarab

This summer, Moon Knight takes his Midnight Journey to the City of the Dead.

In Jed McKay and Alessandro Cappuccio’s Moon Night, Mark Spector creates the Midnight Mission and seeks to protect them from the insidious forces that roam the night. Working out of New York City, Moon Knight and his crew keep an ever-sleeping eye on the city’s residents.

Now, David Bebos and Marcelo Ferreira’s new series Moon Night: City of the Dead promises to reveal new depths of Mark Spector’s past. When a young runaway is found dead on Midnight Mission’s doorstep, Moon Knight must take his duties to a new realm: the Duat. In the City of the Dead, Moon Knight will reunite with an old ally, Laila El-Fawli, AKA The Scarlet Scarab!

A preview of this Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1 With a drink in hand, Mark broods over Spector and opens with reminiscing about the past. Later, Moon Knight descends on Jackal Knight’s operatives and hurls his moon discs at them. On the last page of this preview, Hunter’s Moon sends Moon Knight on a journey to another plane.

Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1 will also feature the comic debut of Layla El-Fawley. In an interview CBR, writer David Peppos revealed some of the history between Mark and Lyla: “Lyla’s past with Mark has been as a fellow member of the Karnak Cowboys, a mercenary force. So she knows Mark in a way that very few do, knowing Mark in a time that has not been explored much in the series.

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This preview for Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1 also includes artist Marcelo Ferreira’s design sheet for the Scarlet Scarab.

Get a first look at Moon Knight’s latest outing in Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1 below:

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