Michelle Yeoh is the face of athletic wear in Lululemon's 'B Spring' Lunar New Year Campaign (VIDEO).

Kuala Lumpur, Jan. 17 – Malaysian Oscar winner Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh is featured in athletic apparel retailer Lululemon's. Be springy Propaganda

Along with eight theatrical dancers from „Wing Chun,” the commercial, marking the Year of the Dragon, was shot in the Jingning and Xi'andu mountain settings.



In addition to Yeo, it also includes dancers from the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theater.

In a statement, Yeoh noted the importance of taking time to listen and understand oneself – mind, body and spirit – in order to achieve balance in one's life and find inner peace.

“I am thrilled to partner with Lululemon.

„Sports have always been an important part of my life and I am committed to encouraging more people, especially the younger generation, to benefit from sports and find balance in their own lives,” he said.

Wing Chun holds a special place in his heart, where he starred in the movie Wing Chun In 1994.

“Thirty years later, I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with these professional dancers to reinterpret Wing Chun through a short film. Be springy.

„It's a concept that resonates deeply with me. Our superpower is to have our own inner spring throughout the year.”

Lululemon China Brand Marketing & Community Vice President Lynn Cheah said they believe everyone has the right to be well and are committed to the cause of well-being.

„This new year, we wanted to explore well-being through the lens of Eastern culture—our essence, our energy, and our spirit.”

He said it was an honor and a pleasure to join both Yeow and the Wing Chun dancers in realizing this film.

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„Through their movements, they truly demonstrate both the power of martial arts and the grace of dance.”

The brand's Lunar New Year collection is inspired by the unique shapes and curves created by overlapping dragon scales.

Check out the collection at Lululemon stores in Kuala Lumpur.

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