Mercury Filmworks, Blue Spirit Release Seraphim Animation Pipeline

Mercury Filmworks (“The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” “Hilda”) and Blue Spirit (“Blue Eye Samurai,” “What If…?”) have launched Seraphim, a bespoke animation pipeline created to create high-end 2D and CG animation.

According to the companies, the results blur „the line between concept art and production.”

Seraphim was created to marry Mercury’s internationally recognized 2D animation capabilities with Blue Spirit’s state-of-the-art CG production methods. Reflecting the diverse catalogs of both companies, Seraphim is designed for adult and family animation projects.

Created with big budget productions in mind, especially those in the $30-$50 million range, Seraphim offers a full suite of services for all development and production from vis dev to post. Although it was developed with high-end products in mind, Mercury and Blue Spirit say it’s fully scalable to a customer’s specific needs. The first Seraphim client is now onboarding and a dev launch is planned for this summer, although further details are being kept under wraps for now.

In addition to leveraging the artistic intelligence of Mercury and Blue Spirit, Seraphim provides clients with access to resources at the company’s centers in Ottawa, Montreal, Paris and Angouleme, some of the world’s most elite regions to develop talented animators.

Many locations offer companies access to significant tax breaks and incentives, and improve production values.

„Seraphim addresses the global shortage of reliable state-of-the-art animation capabilities for big-budget series and feature films. It serves as a bespoke production service for each project and can be configured to meet specific creative and production needs,” said Clint Eland, CEO of Mercury Filmworks. Makers looking for a design and production pipeline solution for unique and artistically ambitious projects that push boundaries.”

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„By combining our strengths, we will be able to explore new creative frontiers and deliver cutting-edge animated content with compelling characters, complex stories and stunning visuals,” said Olivier Lelardaux, CEO of Blue Spirit. „This unique approach ensures that every animation produced is not just a project, but a masterpiece.”

Mercury Filmworks and Blue Spirit will not use Seraphim in their original properties, and the companies have clarified that Seraphim Studios’ service work will not affect development or production.

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