Menopause Parties: Celebrating Middle Age Without Stigma

Not too long ago, menopause was discussed in quiet conversations. But today, people don’t talk about it openly – they throw menstrual parties to mark this new phase of life.

Why now? An opportunity for Gen X (menopause) to come of age.

„We were raised to question things,” says Julie Kuczynski, co-founder Vail, a wellness brand for women over 40. “Once we start experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, we ask, 'Why is this topic so quiet? Why not better services? Why not the best brands? Why aren’t there more conversations?”

Celebrities are also helping to end the stigma around menopause. Michelle ObamaDrew Barrymore, Maria Shriver and Oprah Winfrey Have openly discussed the topic. „I go through it and I know all my friends go through it. And information is scarce.” Obama said recently People magazine.

Companies are also getting on the menopause bandwagon, offering employee support groups and access to experts. Some companies prefer Avon Offer menopause-friendly work policies like flexible schedules and paid leave.

With an enormous crop of menopause products hitting the market over the past few years — and an increase in education and conversation around menopause — women are „seeing it as a time to own their power,” Kuczynski says. „In our surveys, midlife women say they have more to do. They still want to create an identity.

Celebrate a new phase in life

„Whether it’s menopause parties, 50th birthdays or divorce parties, we’ve definitely seen an increase in women celebrating their other half,” says Jillian Leslie, co-founder. Catch my party, who says womb-shaped cakes are a popular order for menopause parties. Pinterest and other social media sites are overflowing with menopause party ideas, from uterus-shaped piñatas to menopause trivia. „Today, many women feel that marking these milestones is an achievement, not something to be ashamed of.”

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Some celebrations focus on humor and fun, while others focus on education and sharing stories.

„I know that the barriers associated with menopause scare women and prevent them from getting the information they need to live happy and healthy lives,” says Ellen Dolken, creator of Menopause Monday Parties — social events that include discussions about menstruation, menopause and the after. – Menstruation. „Women supporting each other, with their favorite drink in hand, is approachable and less intimidating.”

Doljen begins each party by sharing his journey. Then, the floodgates open, she says. “Everyone [shares] Their story and team [becomes] A support system. After the party, they [have] To lean on each other, this [is] My goal,” she says.

For others, menopause parties are a chance to escape painful or difficult periods.

Sheila Burke of Cleveland, Ohio, says, “I’ve been in perimenopause for 10 years and my bleeding has been uncontrollable. When she reached menopause, she was „excited” and invited four close friends over to celebrate. One Friday afternoon, they met at a local store and toasted her over wine and cupcakes until her period was over.

Jinya Benner, of Marshall, Michigan, went through menopause in her early 40s. Benner’s times were a strain during his frequent business trips. „When I realized I was menopausal, it was the best day,” she says.

For her menopause party, she hosted a sleepover. „I thought of all the boring games at baby and bridal showers, and I needed something different,” she says. Her friends played irreverent games and gave her gifts.

„We laughed a lot,” he says.

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Alyssa Jones-Author Queen A newsletter aimed at improving the experiences of perimenopause and postmenopausal women—recently published Hosts her own perimenopause party.

It’s an „it sucks, so let’s have some fun,” event, Jones says. „You are in transition in all systems. I decided to throw myself a party.

Jones invited eight friends to a Bridgerton-themed dinner party, which she hosted with the help of a fashion designer friend.

Jones adds: „I got to talk about this experience with other girls, have fun and get prizes.”

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