Atlein Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Runway, Fashion Show & Collection Review

Antonin Tran studied strong female characters in science fiction, such as Sigourney Weaver in „Alien,” Natalie Portman in „Annihilation,” and Scarlett Johansson in „Under the Skin.” , brown and space gray for Fall 2024.

Bombers, teddy jackets and aviator-style coats answered the long-awaited question of what an Adeline woman would wear outside of Tron's sensual and sculptural creations, in Cristóbal Balenciaga's invented water-repellent knit fabric crocnail, which added sequins, lace and ribbed and viscose jersey to crystal mesh this season. .

Tran kept the length of most outerwear above the waist. Giving the right amount of coverage to her clients who are proud of their curves can be a conscious choice.

The use of zips as embellishments – a first for the brand – hearkened back to Tron's obsession with images set in post-apocalyptic scenes, where utility and military details became synonymous with courage, determination and strength.

After the show, Tran talked about the analogy between fashion and the alien form in „Annihilation,” which genetically modifies everything it touches.

For him, the textiles of the past are genes, and his vision for a sustainable designer brand at an industrial level is an alien form that could one day revolutionize the world.

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