Meet Pavitra Prabhakar, AKA Spider-Man: India

Spider-Man is from India

Created by Jeevan Kang, Suresh Sitharaman and Sharad Devarajan, Pavitr Prabhakar debuted in Spider-Man: India (2004) #1. Like Parker, Prabhakar grew up under the care of his aunt Maya and uncle Bhim. Despite living in poverty, Prabhakar’s intelligence earned him a scholarship—with additional support from his family—allowing him to attend a prestigious school in Mumbai.

Although he met Mary Jane Watson’s version of Meera Jain at school, Prabhakar’s time at the academy was terrible, and his peers bullied him for his lack of wealth. One day, while fleeing from the atrocities, Prabhakar encountered a mysterious yogi who gave him power. These powers are similar to those of Earth-616’s Spider-Man, and include enhanced strength and the ability to sense danger.

However, a Spider-Man isn’t a real Spider-Man without at least some tragedy. This time, Prabhakar refuses to help a kidnapped woman. This led to his uncle Beam interfering and him dying like many of Spider-Man’s parental figures before him. Eventually, Prabhakar learns that with his great power comes great responsibility.

Following the death of Uncle Beam, Prabhakar takes on a crime boss named Nalin Oberoi, a counterpart to Earth-616’s Norman Osborn, who uses an amulet to transform himself into a monster with the intention of facilitating the villain’s invasion of Earth. The new Spider-Man, this time, was forced to take on alternate versions of Doctor Octopus and a Venom-like symbiote.

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