Maya Retreat in South India reflects a tropical modern aesthetic

The MAAYAA tropical retreat is inspired by Balinese architecture

Architecture studio Aslam Sham Architects is developing MAAYAA, a Balinese-themed complex set within a lush palm garden. Located at an hour’s drive Coimbatore, bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the retreat displays earthy tones and textures, evoking a sense of serenity. The spaces are designed to induce a soothing calm to the eyes as the paths adorned with lush greenery exude serenity and elegance.

Aiming to capture the essence of Bali, MAAYAA’s design revolves around tropical modernism. Located at the confluence of rivers Siruvani and Bhavani, the building is perched on a hilltop with river views. The main design objective of the resort is to enhance and preserve the surrounding scenery.

All images by Ishi Chidwala

Fluid transition between built and land

As most of the constructions are located below entry level, visitors descend into these spaces, greeted by shallow, expansive water bodies integrated into the roof decks. This fluid transition through the entrance leads to the restaurant, where sweeping views of the river and distant mountains unfold.

The lower floors house banquet halls, conference rooms and offices, while the lowest level has an infinity pool that is seamless with the landscape. Design team Achieving a harmonious fusion between architecture and nature, creating an environment that blurs the boundaries between built and natural elements. The resort has two types of accommodation; Standard rooms with river-view balconies, and independent cottages with hydroponic pools overlooking the river and inland. These structures follow the natural contours of the land, are interconnected by pathways and bridges at various levels, and are conveniently connected to the clubhouse and communal facilities. Drawing from Balinese architecture, the chosen materials and design vocabulary reflect the concept of a tropical retreat, paying homage to the aesthetics of the region.

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Maya Retreat in South India reflects a tropical modern aesthetic
Nestled within a Balinese-themed lush palm garden

Maya Retreat in South India reflects a tropical modern aesthetic
MAAYAA’s design evolves around the concept of tropical modernism

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