Maru Campos highlights how they provide care to cancer patients with cutting-edge technology

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The Governor of Chihuahua, Maria Eugenia Campos Galvanmentioned that Cancer Centers with are participating with Advanced technology For people in need. He promised that Parents who seek support in their children's treatment receive it free of charge.

This is an important one Achievements of the administration of Governor Maru Campos In terms of health, the company's government said in a statement, cancer patients are a priority for the head of state.

„All parents who requested Support their children in therapy, they got it for freeHe explained Maru Combos.

with application Linear AcceleratorIn both Chihuahua and Juarez, There are more advanced procedures In this case, to remedy this situation, he highlighted.

The Governor of Chihuahua addressed it The health of the people of Chihuahua is one of their government's priorities. „We are equipping and improving hospitals and health centers across the state to provide free, timely and quality medical care to those in need.”

I confirm that One of the most deeply felt issues among the people is drug distribution.In Chihuahua, he promised that the company would be efficient in filling prescriptions for patients.

Maru Campos reiterated his commitment to continue the permanent work and guarantee health services to the people because the community and the government work together to produce results.

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