Marta García Aller: „AI can be a technology of progress or one that threatens democratic institutions”

First there is progress International Artificial Intelligence Summit. Humans sent by 28 countries have signed the call to try to control the machines before they get out of control The Bletchey Report.

There are no specific intentions regarding any particular policy or action at this time, but at least they have agreed to talk Regulates artificial intelligence. Considering what it costs us humans, this is no small feat, especially as humans from countries like the US and China are not given to it.

I don’t know if ChatGPT sees the funny side of it, since irony is one of the hardest things for artificial intelligence to understand. China has also signed this pledge What includes: „Protect human rights and fundamental freedomsand building public trust in AI systems.” China also expressed concern about the lack of transparency in the technology. China has complained of a lack of transparency.

To get an idea of ​​how artificial intelligence is going to change everything and its challenges, there is nothing like imagining how authoritarians can use it. If China is a world power in biometrics, it is because of its determination to use facial recognition for social control.

AI saves many lives by speeding up the diagnosis of diseases, which increases productivity, but it also delivers Risk of job loss, Wrong information And design too Biological or chemical weapons. Artificial intelligence can be a breakthrough technology, or it can threaten democratic institutions, facilitate social control by autocrats, and limit basic rights such as privacy and freedom of expression.

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That is why its international management is so important. For this purpose, it is planned to hold the second meeting in South Korea within six months and the third meeting in France within a year. Don’t dismiss the fact that responsible men are going to go from summit to summit repeating how important it is to do something without getting anything done. Meanwhile, Artificial intelligence will advance at a dizzying pace, oblivious to paradox.


This summit has more symbolism than substance, however Legislating artificial intelligence is critical.

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