Marsudi pushes for intensified cooperation to tackle the climate crisis

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi felt that it is important to increase cooperation and participation of all stakeholders to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Speaking at the Global Forum on Climate Action held at Ahmad Dahlan University in Yogyakarta on Friday (November 17), Marsudi affirmed the urgent need for the participation of all stakeholders in the climate action agenda.

„It is important to create awareness about the climate crisis, strengthen international cooperation and strengthen ethical and moral guidelines to realize environment-friendly behavior,” the minister said in a Foreign Ministry press release received on Saturday.

Indonesia’s Islamic organization Muhammadiyah and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Foundation for Net Zero Emissions (ViriyaENB) hosted a global forum for climate action in Yogyakarta on November 17 under the theme „Promoting Green Culture, Innovation and Cooperation”. 18.

The forum aims to explore and share Islamic values ​​as a source of inspiration for developing a deeper appreciation of nature and commitment to sustainable practices in the global community.

The Global Forum for Climate Action is a dynamic platform for various stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue, exchange ideas and shape cooperation for future climate action.

Muhammadiyah’s participation in this global forum reaffirmed its commitment to provide Islamic perspectives, share experiences, learn from others, and promote a more inclusive and effective climate movement.

260 participants from 13 friendly countries including Australia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore participated in this event which was held as the slogan of the 111th celebration of Muhammadiyah. The United Kingdom, the United States and the Vatican.

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Some international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the European Union, faith-based organizations and non-governmental organizations in Indonesia also participated in the event.

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