Mars helicopter to attempt new speed record on Thursday • Record

NASA is planning the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s 62nd flight and has been tasked with achieving a new speed record for a rotocraft on Mars.

Ingenuity sets a record with each flight – by adding one to the number of (known) helicopter flights to the Red Planet by humans.

’The copter was originally planned to fly only five times as a technical demonstration. Two and a half years later it’s still flying — and scheduled to do so again on Thursday.

of NASA Flight plan At a speed of ten meters per second, it has to climb 18 meters and cover 268 meters in 119.3 seconds.

Register Spilled intelligence Flight registration Excel and sorting through the data led us to the conclusion that the Flight 62 would surpass the Flight 60’s top speed by 8 m/s.

According to our calculations, Flight 62 ranks 24th for distance covered and 34th for duration.

When we last touched down and phoned home in July 2023, we were unable to make visual contact with the Perseverance rover. It relies on such communication to communicate with Earth, making a phone call a big deal. It flew nine times, with 61 flights setting a new record of 24 meters on 5 October.

Yes, dear reader, that means a vehicle designed to perform two years ago is performing better than ever. This is an exceptional result for any setting, anytime, anywhere – never mind the extremely harsh environment of Mars.

When it moved 347.7 meters in a single day without human intervention, it appears to be the fastest season on Mars.

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Ingenuity’s record attempt will begin and end at Airfield Dow. NASA describes its goals as „imaging science goals” and „flight envelope expansion.”

„Inspiration” doesn’t add to that list of goals. ®

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