Maisie Williams and her home remake of 'Twilight’ hit the networks

’Twilight’ marked an entire generation of youth. However, unlike 'Harry Potter’ or 'The Hunger Games’, the literary and cinematic saga of vampires, love and werewolves has had much controversy from the start. Although he had millions of ardent fans, he also had ardent haters from the beginning. Its massive and mainstream romantic content, its emo aesthetic and, above all, its devastating adaptations on screen made it easier than ever. 'Twilight’ had emotional content, after all, it was a story full of love and struggle between vampires, werewolves and humans. In fact, two of the best actors in the world now, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, were the protagonists. Well directed and well planned, they have shown a great talent. So what went wrong?

There were a lot of mistakes in the 'Twilight’ movies. For starters, the product doesn’t live up to its hype. And we’re not just talking about special effects, really bad. The costume design, the photography with its eternal gray filter, the characterization of the characters… everything always bordered on the ridiculous and only endured because of a fan phenomenon blinded by passion for its counterpart. Well, that, and the romance that its protagonists instilled in millions of viewers.

As the years went by, that whole 'Twilight’ generation grew up and saw the film differently. Some hate her, while others continue to defend her to the death. Most take a certain distance and see it as a charmingly absurd moment in that long-suffering but wonderful time that is adolescence. In this last and, crowded group, we hope to have Maisie Williams, and throughout the last month, we can explore how she, along with many friends, dedicated herself to giving us a particular version of the funniest, most critical, ridiculous two. and the iconic Twilight.

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To begin with, the iconic moment where Edward demands from Bella what it means to be a vampire, if not what it is. No film school in the world can guess why the camera does what it does and what the scenes are. This is the original scenario.

This is Maisie Williams’ version.

But perhaps her most acclaimed quip is when Bella meets Edward’s family, who prepare „Italian” and get angry because she already has food. This is what it takes to go to your vampire boyfriend’s house for dinner because you haven’t been paying attention and haven’t eaten or slept. Such was the case with a true accidental comedy hit.

This is Maisie Williams’ version:

No, it doesn’t end there. As it continues, Maisie Williams is going to complete a complete fan remake. Under the Storm and the iconic baseball game hosted by Edward is also not to be missed. Saying „too fast” to someone’s girlfriend has become a meme that we leave for another day because we’re considered mature.

Here, of course, the version of Williams and his friends, of course, was good with humor.

Now we are left with the question whether a remake of a film or better yet, a well-crafted sequel will give us something amazing. If HBO is already making a 'Harry Potter’ series, anything can happen.

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